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Non-crystalline topological matter

Dr. Adolfo G. Grushin (Institut Néel, Grenoble)
Tuesday, 02 April 2024 12:00

Place: conference room, IMDEA Nanociencia.


Topological phases are remarkable because of their propagating surface states resistant to disorder and their universally quantised responses to electromagnetic fields. Topological phenomena are by now ubiquitously observed in crystals, both in solids and synthetic systems. In contrast, topology in non-crystalline matter, such as amorphous or quasicrystalline materials, is much harder to predict, diagnose and discover. This is because crystalline periodicity is central to how we understand topological materials, although it is not necessary to define topological phases. In this talk I will present recent theoretical progress and experimental signatures of amorphous topological solids. I will discuss tools to predict them, and their potential to host novel and controllable topological phenomena both in amorphous metals and insulators.